Studying in Australia is the dream of many students. Here in Australia, we encounter different world-class academic institutions delivering a wide range of excellent academic programmes. Those students from various countries residing in Australia under student visa for studying purposes can work part-time in the Australian job market, which supports balancing their expenses. As a student, they can also get access to beautiful destinations as well.

Australia has a high employment rate, and apart from academic life, students here can browse good job opportunities with good earnings, which makes their lives fruitful. Although students cannot work full-time during the study period, they can sustain themselves easily with the good wages. Despite this, they can work full-time during holiday breaks. 

Job Market in Australia for International Students

We can observe a wide range of expanded job markets in Australia with different corporate and small businesses where career-building opportunities are open for deserving candidates. Primarily, international students work in hospitality, tutoring, service providing, farming, retail chains, administration, etc. We hear that international students don’t get a job in professional positions at corporate offices, but this is not a fact. If one has good communication ability, strong skills, suitable qualifications, previous related experience, and confidence to face interviews, they can work at any top or mid-level professional job.

Job Market

Although finding a job in Australia as an international student can take time and effort. Networking, building professional connections, and applying to jobs regularly increases your chances of getting a job. Additionally, having a good understanding of the Australian job market and the requirements of the job you are applying for can help you get employed in the job market of Australia.

Part-time job opportunities for international students in Australian Job Market

Australia has a wide range of job markets filled with various opportunities; most of the students work in given few job positions:


Coffee culture is great in Australia. One of the most preferable and good earning jobs for international students is working in a cafe as a Barista. There are several cafes everywhere in Australia where part-time job-seeker students can apply for a job. But you must have good communication and strong customer service skills, are familiar with popular coffee types and know how to brew them. The biggest coffee franchises in the Australian market are McDonald’s/McCafe, located in over 1000+ locations, The Coffee Club, located in over 250+ locations, Donut King, located in over 250+ locations, Muffin Break, located in over 210+ locations and Gloria Jean’s located in over 200+ locations.


We encounter several bars, pubs, and hotels in every area of Australia that require bartenders to make drinks. It is also one of the good earning jobs to do while studying in Australia. To work as a bartender in Australia, one requires a specific certification named Responsible Service of Alcohol(RSA). If you are good at bartending, you can make good tips. In addition, as a bartender, you can make a great network of people. It is an excellent opportunity for those who want to work at weekends and can work long shifts.


It may sound strange that many international students are making good money working as a cleaner in the Australian job market. These jobs are generally found at hotels, hostels, hospitals, homes, etc. Most cleaning jobs don’t require any formal qualifications and previous experience, but you need to be able to do such jobs. Moreover, to work as a cleaner, you must have knowledge of cleaning products and chemicals. However, one must be able to use cleaning materials effectively and safely to work as a cleaner.

Delivery Person

In Australia, different corporations, food service companies, delivery service companies, and warehouses give employment to delivery persons. Moreover, most Australians prefer their food to be delivered to their homes. Menulog is the most used food delivery service, that 90% of households use. Delivery is done by motorcycles and cars. But one can do this as long as one drive safely and don’t damage the package. If anyone wants to do delivery by cycle, that’s also possible if the parcel needs to be parcelled to a short distance. Several online businesses require pickup and delivery persons in order to give services to needy people.


If you are planning to make Australia a studying destination, such jobs would be beneficial to maintain your living expenses and make good earnings. Thus it would be a great profession if you have some knowledge of serving food, taking orders and show interest in such jobs. Several hotels and restaurant chains in Australiarequire waiters/waitresses to serve the customers. If you have good communication and serving skills, then you make a good profit through the tips you get. Some of the widely networked restaurant chains in Australia are Coles Group, located in 8 states with over 1543 locations, Subway located with over 1220 locations, and McDonald’s, located with over 1034 locations.

Barber/Hair Stylist

Not all people like to grow their hair long, some like to trim it short, and some prefer styling long hair. We can see many salons across the Australian job market. Some of them are unisex salons, and some are particular gender-based salons. Thus, hairstylist is one of the good paying jobs for part-time job seekers. To work as a hairdresser, one must possess trimming skills, hair styling sense and other beauty and cosmetic knowledge. If anyone likes your performance, you will also receive good tips from some customers.

Besides these, you can witness multiple job openings in the Australian job market.

Work Limit in Australian Job Market for Student Visa Holders

For those who are on Subclass 500 Student Visa, there is certain work limitation that everyone should follow. Hence, while studying in Australia, they have a work limit of 40 hours every two weeks. Besides this, international students can work full-time during holiday breaks and post-study duration.

Minimum Wages in the Australian Labour Market

The Australian labour market pays high minimum wages to employees. Each year on the first of July, “The Australian Fair Work Commission” reviews the national minimum wages. From July 2022, the minimum wage is $21.38 per hour. This minimum wage may vary according to the job position and location.

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