PTE is one of the most widely used English language proficiency tests. You must attempt all the questions with effective techniques to achieve your desired PTE score. In this article, we will discuss effective preparation techniques for helping you maximise your PTE score.

Understanding PTE and Test Format

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based English language proficiency test recognised by thousands of academic institutions across the world. It examines the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers intending to apply for university-level courses in English-speaking countries. 

It examines English language proficiency through four modules with PTE score- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. 

Speaking: This takes 20-25 minutes. Tasks included in this section are- Personal introduction, reading aloud, repeating the sentence, describing an image, re-telling the lecture and short answer questions.

Writing: This takes 30-40 minutes. Tasks included in this part are summarising the written texts and writing an essay.

Reading: 29-30 minutes is allocated for this part. Tasks to be accomplished in this section are filling in the blanks, choosing multiple answers, choosing a single answer and re-ordering paragraphs.

Listening: This section needs to be done within 30-43 minutes. Tasks included in this section are summarising spoken text, choosing multiple answers, filling in the blanks, highlighting correct summary, choosing a single answer, selecting missing words, highlighting incorrect words and writing from dictation.

Techniques to Maximise PTE Score

PTE is a computer-based test, and PTE score is determined by artificial intelligence (AI). So, candidates require specific techniques for each section to maximise PTE Score. 

Some of the basic techniques required to maximise PTE score are discussed here:

  • Practise mock tests daily if possible to get good PTE score.
  • Try working with vocabulary and grammar.
  • Get engaged with English media such as movies, songs, speeches and podcasts.
  • Take PTE coaching classes.
  • Learn time management skills for each section and question.
  • Get Knowledge of negative marking questions.
  • Practise conversating in English.

Strategies to Maximise PTE Speaking Score

Obtaining a good PTE speaking score requires practice and effort. Beyond this, one needs to follow these tips for scoring well:

  • Get engaged with the transcripts of TED talks. Make a schedule for doing this. Understand how the speaker’s voice is adjusting and notice the stress on essential words.
  • Increase your tone at the beginning and decrease it at the ending point of the sentence.
  • Don’t stop speaking in the middle of the sentence, although you made a mistake.
  • If you can’t remember the whole sentence, focusing on keywords is a good idea.
  • Take control over your pace; speaking too fast may affect your pronunciation negatively.
  • Speak calmly in a transparent way.
  • For the tasks like describing an image, don’t overload the content with details; talk about highs and lows within the graph.
  • Phrases such as “increasing dramatically, rapid decrease, rising moderately, rapidly reducing, fluctuated significantly” should be used while mentioning key points.

Strategies to Maximise PTE Reading Score

One needs to read at least 220 words per minute. So you should develop the practice of quickly skimming and scanning, going through the text, and get an overall idea. Besides this, these techniques will help you score well:

  • Make a routine for reading English news and articles related to the environment, technology and global affairs.
  • Try reading for meaning and make connections between the options and essay sentences.
  • For filling in the blanks and choosing multiple-answer questions, try eliminating unnecessary options.
  • Learn paraphrasing techniques.
  • For choosing multiple answers, don’t select an option until you are sure because negative marking exists here.
  • Look for grammatical clues; sometimes choosing the word that sounds better will give the correct answer.

Strategies to Maximise PTE Writing Score

PTE score

In order to score well in the writing section, try to use sentences with complex ideas. Use appropriate idiomatic expressions or colloquialisms, and vary language with the help of synonyms, antonyms and academic vocabulary. Below mentioned technical tips will help you maximise your PTE score:

  • While summarising the text, spend the first three minutes reading the text and note down the keywords and main idea.
  • Write a summary in an easily understandable manner or simplify the language so that anyone can understand.
  • Avoid using unnecessary words that don’t fit perfectly.
  • You should be computer friendly, and increase your typing speed in order to finish writing essays in time.
  • Write between 200-300 words while writing an essay. If less than 200 or more than 380 words are written, you will score 0 marks for this.
  • Use templates for writing an essay.
  • Enrich your vocabulary by reading a wide range of topics and vocabulary books.

Strategies to Maximise Listening PTE Score

Get engaged with English songs, podcasts and other listening materials to enhance your listening and understanding ability. In addition, one should go through these techniques to maximise the PTE score:

  • Note down the keywords and main ideas while listening to the audio.
  • Being fully attended to the audio will help you get a better understanding.
  • Practise listening to the audio and video clips, and listen to English songs focusing on lyrics.
  • Avoid questions you don’t understand because every question with a wrong answer has negative marking.
  • Never forget to capitalise the first letter of a sentence, and make sure to end it with a full stop.

Effective Time Management Skills for PTE Exam

In the PTE exam, time management is quite important. Completing tasks within a specific time helps you to obtain a decent score. If you delay, there will be more chances of getting a low band PTE score. Here are some effective time management skills for the PTE exam:

  • Know the time limit for each section.
  • Enhance your confidence and try to reduce stress.
  • Practise more and work hard to do more in less time.
  • Make an understanding of question sequence and PTE exam pattern.
  • Identify time-consuming tasks and prepare for time-consuming tasks. Set a timer to solve such tasks.

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